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Our team of architects and CGI artists specializes in creating virtual architectural designs and unique virtual surroundings that showcase your product, service or vision in individual, contemporary environments. We then use our location designs as a setting for virtual on-location photoshootings to create realistic product visualisations and animations that communicate the distinctive values of your product or service. Through exporting these locations to Virtual Reality Headsets, Augmented Reality Applications and 360° Videos on your phone, we can further generate fully immersive experiences around your product.

Of course we will guide you through this process and recommend a variety of ideas and solutions at every step of the way, from first moodboards and sketches to choosing the right media output for your project. 

a 3D model for our media production can also be provided by

a creative partner




Still Images

Animated Stills


Virtual Showrooms


360° Videos

Our 3D model can be

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The advantages of our digital productions:


Since our entire production process, from the design of virtual locations to the creation of digital media (still images, animations, VR, AR) takes place in the digital space, our ways of working are typically not faced with the limitations and challenges of the real world.


Our decentralised and online-based worfklow is designed to allow for a flexible project team to work from several locations at the same time.

All participants can be digitally connected to the process at any time to present their input and weigh in on important decisions together.

The collective exchange of first ideas as well as the subsequent virtual photoshooting can be made visible to all project participants at their respective locations by using reliable and proven online tools. To test test materials, lighting effects and perspectives, our virtual locations can be visited together virtually at an early stage.


From the initial decisions on mood and setting to setting up cameras and adding staffage elements, every step of the production can be reviewed, commented on and edited together, digitally. This enables us to offer an efficient and targeted process for creating unique and attractive visualizations.

Virtual Location Design.


We design virtual locations for the digital world: 

landscapes, buildings, interior spaces, virtual showrooms. 


We design and create virtual locations with any scale, setting and purpose. From whole landscapes, buildings and structures to interior spaces,

virtual showrooms and abstract studio environments.  

As digitalization already transforms the way we work, communicate and think, we believe that the sensation and experience of visiting a special place or setting can be created digitally, too. Our virtual locations can stage and contextualize your vision or product, even before it finds its way into reality.

And in this virtual reality we work in, we can materialize any idea, anywhere and far faster than in the 'real' world.

Browse through the gallery above to see our referential approach to building design, from location scouting and material research to the final design.

Digital Media Production. 



Still Images. 


We find our inspiration in the techniques and compositions of great paintings and photographs. Every member of our team is an artist with a digital canvas or camera. And while our digital 'paintings' are the go-to medium for most productions, we are simultaneously exploring the fascinating possibilities of moving images as well. Scroll down to find out more. 

Animated Stills & Animations. 


The movement of tree leaves, the falling of snow, the changing of lights and atmosphere:

Our digital locations can be animated and filmed just as well as they can be photographed. We are thus able to further intensify the atmosphere and immersion of any virtual location. Discover our animated stills as the perfect eye-catcher for your website and let us set up your product in a stunning living environment. 

VR, AR & 360° Videos. 


Once a virtual location is created, it can be visited and experienced, almost like any other place in the 'real' world.

Together with our colleagues at bloomimages, we build upon the expertise and creativity of our shared in-house VR department to bring our building designs to life and make them accessible for you and your clients. Using Augmented Reality Applications and 360° Videos implemented in Youtube, these virtual experiences can also be brought directly to your phone or tablet. 


Our DNA. 

Where we come from. 

Because bloomrealities shares its DNA with renowned architectural visualisation office bloomimages, together we can look back on a long-standing and close cooperation with the most inspiring architects. In that way we are already today in a position to showcase your products in the architectural context of tomorrow. 

How we fit in: Between Architecture, Photography and Marketing.  

Although we are all architects and experts in designing buildings and interior spaces, bloomrealities is not a typical architecture firm.

We believe that good design should, if possible, be freed from as many constraints and compromises as possible. Because our virtual designs are tailored for digital media (Still Images, Animations, VR, AR), we usually don't have to worry about construction issues or building costs. Instead we can focus all our attention and creativity on creating unique locations, designing attractive spaces and developing the right digital media output to showcase your product or vision. Because we design through the lens of the camera and are able to quickly visualize our ideas, we can offer an efficient and targeted process for creating stunning visuals. 

We work as designers, architects, photographers, stylists, artists and agents and we love to work with designers, architects, photographers, stylists, artists and agencies. We tell stories of future realities. We dream. We create. 


The bloom community. 

We're proud to be part of a bigger community. Together with our partner-offices in Berlin and Hamburg and outposts throughout Europe, we have been developing a network of architects, creative agencies, 3D-artists, photographers, stylists, designers and many other talents and friends since 2007. 

We strive to cultivate and extend this community through collective study trips, exhibitions of our work for a broader audience and workshops with guest critics from related disciplines.

If you are interested in a collaboration with our office, please feel free contact us at any time. For more information on how to reach us, please visit the 'Contact' section. 

Our clients.


We are happy... say that our pool of clients is diverse, bold and successful. They are among the innovators of their industries. And they incite us to be the same.

We are dedicated to deliver the same high standard of quality our clients expect from their own products.

If you are interested to see what we can do for your company, please let us know and get in touch with us via mail or telephone.

All contact details can be found here. We look forward to collaborating with you. 

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