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bloomrealities GmbH

Große Elbstraße 49

22767 Hamburg


+49 (0) 176 34 33 73 33


Let us introduce ourselves briefly.

We are bloomrealities, we specialise in virtual architecture, digital location design and computer generated product visualisations.

We work as designers, architects, photographers, stylists, artists and agents and we love to work with designers, architects, photographers, stylists, artists and agencies. We are based in Hamburg. We tell stories of future realities. We dream. We create.

Find out more about bloomrealities by scrolling down or by clicking on one of the topics on the right.

Let's start with A. Like Architecture.

All members of our team are not only experienced CGI artists but also architects. Naturally, we love building design.

And we are thrilled that in the virtual reality we work in, we can materialise any idea, anywhere and far faster than any physical structure in the 'real' world.  

Because bloomrealities shares its DNA with renowned architectural visualisation office bloomimages, together we can look back on a long-standing and close cooperation with the most inspiring architects. In that way we are already today in a position to showcase your products in the architectural context of tomorrow.

Our services.


Not even the sky is the limit.


We are creating locations and visualising products with any scale, setting and purpose, from whole planets and landscapes, buildings and structures, interior spaces, rooms and niches to abstract art and graphics.

Each product has a story to tell and each story deserves to be told. We will guide you through this process and recommend a variety of solutions, from location design to the final product visualisation. Our building designs showcase every product in a unique and highly personal environment, emphasising its quality and character and communicating its emotional values.

Still Images & Animations.


We find our inspiration in the techniques and compositions of great paintings and photographs. Every member of our team is an artist, too. Just with a digital canvas or camera. And while our digital 'paintings' are the go-to medium for most productions, we are simultaneously exploring the fascinating possibilities of moving images as well.

The movement of tree leaves, the falling of snow, the changing of lights and atmosphere:

Our digital locations can be animated and filmed just as well as they can be photographed. We are thus able to further intensify the atmosphere and immersion of any virtual location. Discover our animated stills as the perfect eye-catcher for your website and let us set up your product in a stunning living environment.


Our workflow.


With our computer-based production process, we are able to showcase your product in a custom-designed, virtually created surrounding and are furthermore able to complement any given on-location photography with unique digital content.

Whether it is an interior space, a facade detail or an entire architectural structure or landscape, our team of talented CGI artists will create the right environment to stage your products in a truly distinctive fashion.

Let us show you what we can do for you.

Workflow A

Product photography and digital location design: The best of two realities.


Although we spend a good amount of our time creating in the virtual space, we love to blend our location designs with 'real life'.

Product-photography and CG Imagery are not necessarily polar opposites.

As the example above will show you, we can digitally create our locations to perfectly mimic the lighting conditions of any studio set-up.

In this way, the beauty and detail of good product-photography can really come to life in a unique, digitally designed location.


Workflow B

In every weather. Or: What's possible with Full-CG scenes.


When digitally created products are placed in a virtual environment, we are able to test any camera-angle, mood or light-set-up.

Using this fully computer-based process, we can incorporate all the work steps of a common photo-shooting (location scouting & -design, styling, light, photography, post-production) and can direct the development of an image in a very efficient, targeted and favorable way.

All accessories, decorations, backgrounds, surfaces, materials as well as all light- and weather-set-ups can be altered easily.

This can help to test and further improve the design of the image at an early stage. 

Since we are all architects at bloomrealities, we love designing buildings, interior spaces and environments. Given our long-standing collaboration with many renowned architects, we are experts in our field. Our building designs highlight the qualities of your product.

Workflow C

On-location photography, enhanced by bloomrealities CGI


We are inspired by stunning architecture and good on-location photography. And we like to incorporate great photography into our process. Given any scene and surrounding, we are able to embed a digital product model into it as if it was always right there.

Furthermore, we are happy to extend the given photography and its setting to make it truly unique, always making sure the additions to the scene are in keeping with its architectural and atmospheric DNA.

A well-trained vision for exceptional spaces and sights as well as good photography are fundamental to our work. As we strive to become the best observers of our environment we can possibly be, we create all photographs ourselves or cooperate with talented specialists in that field. 


Our clients.

We are happy...


...to say that our pool of clients is diverse, bold and successful. They are among the innovators of their industries. And they incite us to be the same. We are dedicated to deliver the same high standard of quality our clients expect from their own products.

If you are interested to see what we can do for your company, please let us know and get in touch with us via mail or telephone.

All contact details can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you.


office for virtual architecture & design.

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